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We trawl hundreds of quality car hire providers around the world to bring you the best rates at more than 26,000 locations. Enjoy the buying power of 1.5 million customers when you secure your incredibly low rental price for Los Angeles International Airport with Nova Car Hire.

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Take the hassle out of car hire with Nova Car Hire. Just enter a few simple travel details in the search box on the left to receive an instant quote based on the lowest rates available from more than 500 quality car hire providers worldwide. You can choose from more than 26,000 locations worldwide, with an exceptional range of vehicles, unbeatable availability, and exceptional customer service. Book online or contact us by phone for the simplest route to cheap, reliable car rental. More than 1.5 million customers have already made the switch.

About Car Rental from Los Angeles International Airport

With the highest per-capita car population in the world, Los Angeles traffic is not something you can avoid when you collect your rental car from Los Angeles International Airport, but you can make it easier to negotiate.

Invest in a Thomas Guide for driving around Los Angeles. If you don't need the full Thomas Guide (about $20-$30 at bookstores), you can buy Rand McNally maps that incorporate the Thomas Guide at most gas stations, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

On Los Angeles freeways, remember slower traffic stays on the right.


Although Los Angeles traffic jams may be infamous, they are probably no worse than those of any major city. What you should be aware of is that rush hour in Los Angeles is unusually long and extremely congested. The best driving time is between 11 PM and 5 AM. Arrive and depart early in the morning to avoid frustration.

Get out of the city. L.A. may have America’s most congested and polluted roadways, its massive freeway infrastructure means it is quite easy to avoid the chaos. 

Be prepared for difficulty in finding freeway onramps in Los Angeles County. The onramps are marked with signs marked "Freeway Entrance," but these can be extremely hard to locate.

 Read our guide to driving in Los Angeles.

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Thank you Nova Car Hire for a trouble-free vacation in the USA. Will be back to book again very soon

Neil Pennant, Jul-2012

I Always use Nova when travelling Stateside to see relatives..highly recommended for excellent service at low cost

Paul Bannister, Jul-2012

Chose Nova for our family trip to the USA and I wasn't disappointed. Great customer support and best rates online. Thanks Nova

Doreen Samuels, Jul-2012

The service was excellent thank you, enabled us to have a very enjoyable, worry-free weekend...well done , a great team.

K , Nov-2009

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