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Car Hire Side

About Side, Turkey

Side is a resort town on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, based on the site of an ancient Greek city. It is also one of Turkey's most famous classical sites. It lies near Manavgat and the village of Selimiye, 78 km from Antalya, on the eastern part of the Pamphylian coast, roughly 20km east of the mouth of the Eurymedon River.

Side dates from about the 7th century A.D., when Greeks from Cyme in the Aeolis region of western Anatolia settled here. It declined rapidly in the 4th century, but Turkish Muslims fleeing Crete in 1895 established themselves in the ruined town and called it Selimiye. Nowadays, Side is an attractive holiday resort spread across a small peninsula about 1km long and 400 m across. Car hire in Side is a wonderful way to step back in history and explore the ancient sites.

Side has become largely commercialised since the advent of tourism, but the ancient Roman ruins remain quite spectacular, and you will never forget the experience of seeing the Temple of Apollo at sunset, as the sea thunders nearby. As for the beaches, the main Western Beach lies north of the centre, with a smaller Eastern Beach nearer the centre and a far more extensive beach further east.

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Very happy with the service .. Would be happy to recommend your company to friends and colleagues 

Thomas Downey, Aug-2012

Easy to use site and pick up and drop off was trouble free. Our rental car ( Citroen C5) was clean with plenty of space and your rates are so good.

Jeno Szabo, Aug-2012

Everything was great with our car hire, especially as it was such a big part of our holiday itinerary. We will be back to Nova for next year's holiday! .

Andy Cuthbert, Aug-2011

We have finally arrived home after 9 weeks in Britain and on the Continent. We would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service we received from the two hire offices that we got the cars from. They went out of their way to make sure everything went smoothly and any advice asked for was given freely. When we next require a rental vehicle we will certainly be in contact.

Don & Rae Brownlee, Aug-2010

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