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Car Hire Perugia

About Perugia Airport

Perugia San Francesco d'Assisi - Umbria International Airport, previously known as Perugia Sant'Egidio Airport, is located 12km from Perugia, the capital city of the Umbria region of central Italy. It has one runway. An expansion in 2011 involved the addition of new terminal facilities designed by the Italian architect Gae Aulenti in honour of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Car rental desks are located in the arrivals area. Consult your Nova Car Hire booking confirmation for details of your car rental supplier.

About Perugia, Italy

Perugia is located about 164km north of Rome, and 148km south-east of Florence. Crossed by the River Tiber, it extends across a commanding hilltop and some of the valleys surrounding it. Perugia is a richly historical city, dating back to the Etruscan period, when it was a dominant settlement. It is also a university town, with institutions including the 14th-century University of Perugia, the University for Foreigners, and some smaller colleges such the 16th-century Academy of Fine Arts, the Perugia University Institute of Linguistic Mediation, and the 18th-century Music Conservatory of Perugia.

Perugia is one of Italy's best-known cultural and artistic centres. Notable painters from the region include the fresco painter Pietro Vannucci, Raphael's teacher Perugino, and Pinturicchio. Celebrated architect Galeazzo Alessi is also from Perugia. The Umbria Jazz Festival, one of Europe's most important jazz events, has been held in Perugia since 1973, usually in July.

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Awesome vacation in Italy made even better by your great service..miles ahead of the rest

Susan Frank, Jul-2012

Always our number one choice for car hire..will rent again on our next trip to Italy

William Randwick, Jul-2012

I like that you have a very competent and friendly customer service team to compliment your website. Hired an economy car at the best rate I could find. Everything went as it should.

Damien Woodhill, Mar-2012

The service was excellent at Pisa Airport. My flight was a little late but Francesco had already been by the airline and when I got there he took care of me and had everything ready to go. I received the car requested and couldn't have been more pleased with the service. I will certainly use Nova in the future.

Rob Koch, Jun-2010

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