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Car hire at Limoges Airport is your best option for getting around, as there is no public transport between the airport and the city. Collect your quality rental car booked through Nova Car Hire and move to your own schedule.

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Limoges - Bellegarde Airport, otherwise known as Aéroport de Limoges - Bellegarde is situated 6 km west-northwest of Limoges, a commune of the Haute-Vienne département in the Limousin region of France. A busy hub at the crossroads between the motorway from Spain to Northern Europe and the route between Central Europe and the Atlantic, Limoges is a university town famous for enamelware and fine porcel­ain. There is no shuttle bus or train service between the airport and the city, so you will need car hire or a taxi.

Limoges Car Hire: Top Attractions

Musee National de la Porcelaine Adrien Dubouche: Home to the most comprehensive collection of Limoges porcelain in the world, this museum highlights its evolution from earliest experiments to contemporary productions.

Oradour-sur-Glane: This ruined village 22km from Limoges stands as a thought-provoking monument to the devastating Nazi attack of June 10, 1944.

Chapelle Saint Aurelien: An exquisite chapel in the heart of Limoges.

Parc Zoologique du Reynou: Much-praised zoo in beautiful surroundings

Gare du Limoges: A spectacular piece of architecture with several inviting cafes and bars.

Experience the Real France in Limoges

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Faultless service, great rate..what more can I say? You get my vote every time. Had a great time in France. Thanks for doing your part Nova!

Roy Beasely, Jul-2012

We spent our honeymoon in France using Nova (Pick up in Nice). Great service, great price, great company..won't hesitate to use again..thanks.

Diane Sanderson, Jul-2012

Another happy experience with my rental in France..see you guys next summer!

Tim Bradley, Jul-2012

Great rates for car hire and insurance. Found your staff very helpful. Will be returning to book again for our next holiday.

Jennifer Mc Kenzie, Feb-2012

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Experience the Real France in Limoges

Hi! My name is Aoife O'Carroll, and I am a content writer with Nova Car Hire. As a confirmed travel addict, my fantasy holiday of a lifetime would take in the Grand Canyon, Venice, Rio de Janeiro,

The cliched image of France is all baguettes, garlic, and striped knitwear, but there’s a lot more to this rich culture than those stereotypes. Renowned for fine food, wine, and art, France is well represented in the attractions of Limoges.

Art in Craft

From ancient art to modern architecture, 2,000 years of history have moulded the city of Limoges into a town with a rich heritage, but its biggest claim to fame is as a centre for the manufacture of fine porcelain and enamelware. The discovery of china clay (kaolin) and petuntse deposits at Saint-Yrieix near Limoges in 1771 gave birth to a highly successful porcelain industry that remains France’s strongest performer in the field today. Visit the National Museum of Porcelain in Limoges to see the most comprehensive collection of Limoges porcelain in the world. The town is full of shops stocked with this exquisite porcelain, in the form of serving pieces, statues, jewellery and the celebrated collectible Limoges boxes

Passion for Pate

Although purists would argue that the best foie gras comes from the Perigord, further south, Limoges is justifiably famous for the standard of its version of this goose or duck liver delicacy. Visit a traditional goose and duck farm, where you can buy foie gras, eggs, and goose- and duck-derived products. Or you could just dine at one of the many fine restaurants that specialise in foie gras. L'Amphitryon, on Rue Boucherie, is regularly voted diners’ favourite restaurant in Limoges. The cuisine is delectable, and although dinner can be expensive, lunch represents reasonable value, particularly if you go for the set menu.

Cathedral of St Etienne

France is renowned for the quality of its Gothic architecture, and a prime example of this is the iconic cathedral of Limoges, on Rue Port-Panet. Built in the 12th century, this church is pretty awe-inspiring from the outside, but it reserves its real treasures for the interior. Marvel at its soaring arches and countless architectural flourishes, including a rood screen and pipe organs. If you visit in summer, you may even catch one of the magnificent organ recitals. The crypt is also open to the public, and entry is free.

Jardins de L’Eveche

The French invented the term bon vivant, and they certainly know how to relax and enjoy life. Savour the tranquility of your surroundings in the lovely Jardins de L’Eveche, located between the cathedral and the river bank in Limoges. Quintessentially French, these gardens are the ideal retreat for a lazy afternoon or a delicious picnic. The garden is terraced and spills over with vivid flowers in the spring and summer.

Visit Angouleme

Hire a car and enjoy a traditional French festival in the town of Angouleme, around 50 miles to the west of Limoges, in Charente. Climb the old walls of this fortified city to enjoy panoramic city views, and wander the quaint, quintessentially French alleys and winding streets, filled with historic buildings and inviting boutiques and restaurants. Festivals in Angouleme include the Circuit de Remparts motor race and the International Comics Festival.