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A Brief Guide to Croydon

Although originally part of the county of Surrey, Croydon is a town in South London. It's about 9 miles from Central London and over the years has become a much sought after residential area due to its leafy suburb status. Croydon is linked to an excellent transport network and it's situated on the commuter path between London and the sunny south coast.

Croydon town centre is now pedestrianised with most of the traffic diverted around the town. It's also a major shopping centre for South London. Its two main shopping centres are Whitgift Shopping Centre and Centrale. You'll also find a good selection of bars and restaurants in the town.

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Rented a car in England and it was one of the better car hire experiences I have had to date. All of my emails to your customer team were answered quickly & the whole rental process went without a hitch.

Darcy Smith, Jul-2012

Thanks once more. I hired a car in Liverpool recently when I was on business. Getting to my location was quick and trouble free thanks to the efficiency of your people at pick up. The car was economical and at a great price. This is why I will be back

Nathan van der Meer, Jun-2012

This is our second rental from you guys. This time we received a VW Golf automatic for our vacation in England. The rate was great. Thank you for helping to make our vacation an enjoyable one.

Karl Langton, May-2012

I like your customer service and easy to follow booking process. This was my first time booking on your site and I will continue to book with you in future.

Walter Stapley, Feb-2012

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