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We negotiate with the world's top car rental suppliers to bring you cheap, reliable car hire. Since 1997 we have delivered bargain car hire to more than 1.5 million customers. You can trust Nova to deliver on price and quality.

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There used to be a time when searching for cheap, reliable car hire involved putting aside several hours to trawl through the various providers on the market. Not any more. With Nova Car Hire, all you have to do is enter your choice of dates and location, and we will deliver the best rates available from hundreds of suppliers worldwide.

Nova Car Hire is a broker that has established strong relationships with the world's most reputable car hire suppliers. We use the buying power of 1.5 million customers to leverage excellent volume discounts, and we pass that value on to you. Choose from 26,000 locations worldwide, and look forward to a more satisfactory car hire experience.

About Sydney

In no particular order, Sydney has been voted the World's Best, Favourite, and Friendliest City. Then again, it's easy to be popular when you have the world's best beaches, balmy weather, a vibrant cosmopolitan culture, and great shops and restaurants. The capital of New South Wales, and Australia's most populous city, Sydney lies on the south-east of the continent, on the shores of the Tasman Sea.

Sightseeing in Sydney

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It's refreshing to speak to real people at the end of the phone. Wonderful experience using Nova in Australia and will certainly be booking again soon.

Ray Pine, Apr-2012

Wow! I visit Australia every year and this is my first time booking with Nova. Great experience from best customer service team. Will use your company going forward

Sharon Combes, Mar-2012

I'm a regular Nova customer and each time the experience is a pleasure. Great support with quality vehicles at the lowest prices.Go Nova!

Daniel Dineen, Mar-2012

Thanks for the info. I will of-course use Nova in the future - if you continue to have "excellent rates", nota bene

Thomas , Feb-2012

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Sightseeing in Sydney

Hi! My name is Aoife O'Carroll, and I am a content writer with Nova Car Hire. As a confirmed travel addict, my fantasy holiday of a lifetime would take in the Grand Canyon, Venice, Rio de Janeiro,

Everything in Australia revolves around Sydney. It draws the brightest and the best to its glittering harbour heart, offering you a glamorous, oceanfront setting and the best possible blend of outdoor and indoor attractions.

Sydney Harbour

Stretching 20km inland to the mouth of the Parramatta River, Sydney Harbour (or Port Jackson) is Sydney's best feature. Lined with beaches, waterside parks, and islands, it provides a comforting respite from bustle of urban life. Your choice of beaches includes the pretty southern beach at Camp Cove and the northern strands of Reef Beach, Manly Cove, Balmoral Beach, Clontarf Beach, and Chinaman's Beach.

Sydney Opera House

You really can't miss it. Danish architect J'rn Utzon's competition-winning Sydney Opera House is Australia's most famous landmark and a wonder of the modern world. Utzon's inspiration is said to have come from orange segments, Mayan temples, and palm fronds, but whatever its origin, the finished article is a stunning creation that offers superb acoustics in its six auditoriums. Most of its 2,400 annual events sell out quickly, but partial-view tickets can become available at short notice. One-hour guided tours depart half-hourly, and they are cheaper if booked online.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a source of immense pride to natives of the Harbour City, and it's easy to see why. Nicknamed "the old coathanger," it is a scarily big bridge, at 134m high, 502m long, and 49m wide. Access is possible via train or car (a toll applies when driving south), but the best views are available to walkers. There are stairs on both shores and a footpath extends along its eastern side, but don't try this if you are afraid of heights! A charge will apply.

Bondi Beach

Bondi, right next to Sydney, is one of the world's best beaches. The Pacific slams in great foaming swells against the shore, so it delivers great waves and an average water temperature of 21°C. Salt-water sea baths at both ends of the beach are perfect for kids. Swim between the sets of red and yellow flags, where the Bondi and North Bondi surf clubs patrol.

Sydney Tower

For full-circle views of Sydney from 250m up, visit the 309m-tall Sydney Tower. When the sky is clear, you can look south to Botany Bay, west to the Blue Mountains, east over the harbour to the Pacific, and down on the city itself. If you have a head for heights, you'll enjoy Skywalk: Put on a "skysuit", attach yourself to a safety rail, and walk out to two glass-floored viewing platforms outside the observation deck. Discounted combined tickets are available for the tower with either Sydney Aquarium or Sydney Wildlife World.

Escape to the Blue Mountains

Hire a car and drive about 90 minutes to the tourist destination of Leura and Katoomba, site of the famous Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. Enjoy spectacular views over the Jamieson Valley, count the echoes at Echo Point, and explore the towering rock mountain. Aboriginal legend claims that three sisters were turned to stone by an elder witch doctor who was trying to protect them. Several viewing points offer ideal positions to see the unusual formations, called Meehni (922 m), Wimlah (918 m), and Gunnedoo (906 m).